Lightworker, are you ready for a spiritual transformation?

This is not an ordinary membership program, it is the journey guiding you to the very best version of yourself, illuminated with divine light, and filled with celestial assistance.

If you feel the pull towards joining this membership, know it it’s your inner guidance calling you. Trust that it will benefit you tremendously.

  • Imagine being filled with purpose, living a life of immense joy, with increased soul gifts, and universal alignment. Blank 300 x 300(7)Imagine being of service to the world, having tools and divine knowledge helping you accomplish miracles.
  • Imagine having support and a community that appreciates, loves, and accepts you.

You are being called forward to ascend, expand your being and make a big jump towards the powerful light being you came here to be.

Experience divine connection like never before as the entire membership content is channeled with light beings.



Powerful clearing walkthroughs every few weeks to release Trauma, pain, energetic and physical blocks, past life density, fears, karmic connections and more.

Tools and exercises

Dynamic Alchemical tools to support you through the ascension waves, and help you to navigate through your life in a higher frequency.

Meditations & soul journeys

Guided audio to help you navigate through the Akashic records, or guide you to powerful journeys with the Archangels to dive in your Soul wisdom.

Light Activations

Channeling language that helps balance your energy, bring in alignment, and download high dimensional codes in your being.


Gain Divine wisdom that will speed up your ascension and unlock soul upgrades and skills, release traumas, fears and many more.

Your Tribe

Hang out with your TRIBE. A closely moderated facebook group, by Amelia. You can chat with other members, post experiences, questions and make friends.

Entering the 5D

Special information, guidance, and insight for living in the Fifth Dimension.

Available Products

The Original Lightworkers Membership

It’s time to shine bright like the light superhero you are. Are you ready for the transformation?

Discover and embrace your divine side.

  • All the materials are Channelings from Light beings that hold activations that share powerful energetics and unlock light codes in your cells.
  • Increase your intuition and spiritual gifts.
  • Be guided in a life of alignment and purpose.
  • Increase your divine connection and establish higher self-alignment
  • Gather wisdom and tools to ascend more rapidly on the spiritual path.
  • Jumpstart the ascension progress and anchor your frequency to the 5D earth.
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