The Original Lightworkers Membership

In this online community, you will be guided on a journey to ascend your being, gain valuable knowledge, tools, and dive into the lessons of your soul.

What makes this membership special is that you get to experience a divine connection like never before as the entire content is channeled with light beings, and it is filled with powerful light transmissions.

 This is not your usual spiritual focus group; this is a milestone to deep soul growth.

If we haven’t already met…

My name is Amelia Bert I work with the Angels and lighted beings to create 7 books, an angel oracle deck, several meditations and dozens of articles with the intention of helping those ready to expand spiritually. Now I'm guided to create this POWERFUL membership and I'm so excited to welcome you to it!!

Being here right now, reading these words let it be the sign that you need to take action towards your so much-needed transformation. You know that you are here to achieve greatness, you feel it deep within you, you are called home; towards inner peace and enlightenment. This membership is a spiritual practice that will help you uncover your soul gifts, and assist you towards your spiritual Lightwarrior path.

So, do you feel the urge to join this membership?

Stop. Close your eyes and quiet the mind.

Ask yourself: Am I ready to empower? Is it my desire to help the world ascend? Is this the way?

Listen to your Higher self-guiding you from within. Are you ready?

59 Courses


Here I share with you links to special updates regarding the ascension and especially the Big Solar Flash, that you will find nowhere else!

Click on the links to read it and join regularly to catch any new ones!

Quest 1 - Merging with your Higher self

Welcome to your very first Quest!

Did you know that a Higher aspect of yourself exists in the Divine? It is a complete union of all your reincarnations, all you ever were, are and will be. This Higher self is already ascended, & connected with Source. The best part is that it is always connected to you. Do you know what it feels to merge with him/her? This Quest guides you through valuable information that you need to know about this Higher version of you, as well as guides you on a journey to experience their presence.

Repeat the steps that are presented with for 10 days to help you re-program your subconscious.

Clear your Space - Tool

Set up a ritual once or twice a month do a cleansing of your home and even workspace. You release negative energies, emotions stuck, clear earthbounds, low vibrational beings and bring an air of fresh light in! You will feel elevated instantly!

Your full moon self - Activation

This special mediation was recorded on a full moon. Any time that you meditate on the words, you will receive special energy from the Full moon! If you do this 2 days after or before a full moon, however, you will receive greater energy downloads.

Being a Lightworker - Masterclass

What brought you to this point now? What is your purpose on Earth? What are your special gifts, and how can you help the whole collective?

How to Meditate - Masterclass

Anyone can meditate, but if you are not used to the process, your mind will have difficulty becoming quiet. I asked the Angels to give you a masterclass to help you benefit from your meditation routine.

Regardless if you are a pro in meditation or not, the Angels will bring you some tips and techniquest to help you.

Quest 2 - Trusting the universe

When you feel the power of the universe on your side, you fear no evil. You feel empowered, at ease, free. Then you can truly expand and create, take risks and thrive.

But as you went through lifetime after lifetime of hardships and misery, you forgot that everything is not always as it seems. That sometimes the difficult lessons you face are blessings in disguise. The universe, source, God whatever you name this Divine power, is always on your side, always rooting for you, and truly guides you to the best and highest good.

With this Quest, the Angels guide you on a process to remember that the universe has your back. When you know this, you can start expanding, and co-creating with the Divine.

Repeat the steps that are presented with for 10 days to help you re-program your subconscious.

The next Quest unlocks in 10 days.

Quest 3 - Messages from your Divine Wisdom

Your Higher self always has some Divine wisdom to share. It is time to learn to receive those messages.

Follow the guidance daily for 10 days, as each time you will notice different experiences and progress. With practice, you establish a clearer connection and the messages will flow easier. Be patient and celebrate each attempt, even if you felt it wasn’t successful. Trust that each time you are making progress.

Riding the ascension waves - Masterclass

As you expand spiritually, you will notice you get affected by many ascension waves that join you because you can handle their energy, and they do help to make you even lighter and Divinely connected. However, when they join you they might make you feel uncomfortable, surging with new energy, or feeling low and exhausted.

This masterclass aims to help you understand why you face those symptoms, and give you a way to navigate through them easier.

Clearing - Tool

Your energy can get affected by other people, beings, locations, or even thoughts. Learning to have a clearing technique up your sleeve, will help recharge you any time you feel drained or negative.

Grounding - Tool

Grounding is a form of deeper connection with the Earth’s energy. As a physical being, you need to stay grounded to be present in your body, as well as the world around you.

Some of the symptoms of being ungrounded are scattered thoughts, headaches, lightheadedness, tiredness, disorientation, sensitivity to light and noise, forgetfulness, etc.

It is always a good idea to do your grounding technique right after meditation, as well as early in the morning and late at night.

Protection - Tool

Protecting your energy is a valuable way to stay shielded against negative people, events, situations that would otherwise drain and affect your energy.

Make it a morning routine to apply your protective shield. Your energy is becoming bigger, as you expand spiritually, so it is handy to learn to stay unaffected by anything that does not match your high frequency.

25 days to self-love - Challenge

Your growth and spiritual progress start within you. The key to identifying any blockages, fears, or anything that holds you back, is to listen to yourself. Do not hide from your thoughts, desires or fears. Find a way to accept all that you hold within, all that you are, all that you wish to become.

This challenge takes you on a 25-day journey to accept, and love all that you are. YOu are truly magnificent, and you need to feel this every time you look into the mirror.

Connect with your body - Activation

Your physical body has consciousness. Your DNA, your cells, your nervous system, and all that make up your physical substance vibrates on energy that you expose it to. When you send it love, gratitude and joy, it will be healthier and function 10 times better. Your connection with your body is powerful, so tune in often and send it love.

Quest 4 - Reprogramming your cellular memory

Everything you have learned in the previous Quests, helps you to identify and clear any blockages, patterns, fears, beliefs that you hold in your DNA. This might be affecting your current life, or it might be part of you from another lifetime.

You might repeat this meditation as many times as you want, each time clearing a new pattern. You are slowly clearing density from within with the assistance of the Angels and your Higher self.

The violet flame - Tool

The violet flame is one of the many tools that you can use to realign with the truth of who you are; to cleanse and elevate your energy by releasing anything of low frequency.

Quest 5 - Re-align your energy field

As a lightworker, your aura is bigger than other people. As a result, it is affected more easily. Learn how to re-charge your energy, and with it break any links that were draining you. Learn an easy way to purify your energy and become more aligned.

Empowered aura - Masterclass

Your energy becomes affected every day, every moment, every minute by what’s going on around you. You shift from high to low, from energetic to drain in a few seconds. Can you relate?

Identify what affects your energy, and find ways to stay in control of your aura, and thus your mental and physical well-being.

Journey to your Galactic Origins - Soul Journey

The Arcturians are a higher dimensional star race that is very evolved in comparison to our own world. They join us during this powerful time to help bring us into a higher vibration. During this course, they join me in a powerful channeling and meditation that will take you on a journey to your true galactic origins.

Cocoon of Healing - Soul Journey

The Angels take you on a healing and recalibration journey into a cocoon of healing light that strengthens your immune system and clears away anything that is not in alignment with the complete health and vitality of your body and mind.

This is specifically channeled to bring you to speed up recovery from any virus such as the Covid19 or even help you release and clear any negative after-effects of vaccines.

This meditation can also be used for anything that you want further help to heal. The Divine always surrounds you, so that you feel nurtured, safe, protected and cared for.

Your body has the ability to self-heal, and this meditation speeds up that fast recovery within you.

The Alchemian tools of Atlantis

If you have lived in the ancient continent of Atlantis, then you carry with you powerful knowledge and activations. You are guided to remember them.

Meet your spiritual team - Tool

You have many light beings present with you at any moment in your life. Archangels, guardian angels, elementals, ancestors, spirit guides, spirit animals you name it. They are there to help you with a specific part of your current lifetime. With this tool, you can tune in and call for them to reveal who they are and how they assist you.

Quest 6 - Clearing Trauma

This part guides you in steps to release trauma you still hold in your being. It might need a past event that you still feel hurt, or anger from. It might be a fear still present within you. Following the guidance from the Divine beings you will be able to identify and clear it.

*Work with one trauma event a time.

Become your fully ascended self - Soul Journey

Link with the consciousness of the most Lighted version of yourself. Experience the peace and love and power that comes from this connection.

20 days to creating abundance - Challenge

Through these 20 days you are have to commit to the processes that the Angels bring up, to help you reprogram your subconscious from any modalities of lack, to abundance.

Quest 7 - Free from fears

Many fears you hold within you carry from the past, from your childhood, and they might be known or hidden in your subconscious. They are triggered often and they bring blockages that affect your life. When you take a closer look, you can identify them and ultimately free yourself from them.

Creating your Desires

This is a very short guided meditation that helps you create and attract your desires. Repeat it as often as you would like!

Open your third eye - Masterclass

Through your third eye chakra, you have the power to receive Divine connection and clearer intuition. However for many reasons you might have blocked this connection consciously or unconsciously across the lines of time. Through this masterclass the Angels guide you to first clear your third eye, and then lead you in mediation to receive their Divine connection through your clairvoyance (mental images).

Past life regression - Soul Journey

Past life regression soul journey: Journey back in time, through dimensions, through layers of time and space into an important past-life reincarnation. What messages await for you?

Quest 8 - Navigating through density

If you feel fearful, stressed and negative thoughts can’t seem to go away, this course helps to shift you. As we navigate through the 4D currently, we still get caught up in the 3D consciousness. Just remember it’s alright. But you do have the choice. Always choose lightness and ease. Return to your heart space. Shift to a higher vibration.

Working with Dragons - Masterclass

Dragons have succeeded the ascension and they have moved from physical to non-physical. They hold high vibration and they have agreed to help us navigate through the density to find the light. In this Masterclass, they guide you to ways to work with them, as well as offer you powerful activations of Light transmissions.

Quest 9 - Maintaining High frequency

Clearing your energy, having your protection shields, or being positive is not always enough. To sustain a high vibration, and anchoring it through 5D, you need to learn to navigate through the 3D density and negativity. When you find yourself in negative thoughts, in fear, in angst, how do you handle it so that it doesn’t bring you in a lower state?

This Quest will guide you to train you to engage with negative situations in a different way, that will not lower your frequency.

Sending Love - Tool

You have the ability to direct energy to send love, healing, peace. You are a powerful light being, and one of your Lightworker abilities is to use this ability for the highest and greatest good.

This tool will guide you how to use this ability at any time.

Clearing the chakras with Archangel Metatron

This is a short 10 minute guided meditation guided by Archangel Metatron to help you cleanse your energy.

20 days to strengthen your connection with your spiritual team - Challenge

You have guides, Angels, Archangels, Elementals, and so many wise beings accompanying you in your life. Regardless if you feel them with you or not, they are there, waiting for the right moment to help you. With this challenge, you learn to open up to their guidance and ask them to show you signs of their presence. The purpose of this is to enhance your connection with them.

Purifying food & drink - Tool

Do you know that what you eat and drink has energy?
You have the power to shift that energy with the power of your intention. In this tool-course you will learn a method to sense the energy of items and use your intention to purify the energy of your food.

Quest 10 - Releasing the ego

You carry a set of beliefs, and reactions that sabotage the way you perceive life. Those might be karma related, or received from others through your human years. When you finally release them, you are free from the bonds of self sabotage. The guides and Angels that come through this course, guide you in a powerful method to help you clear them one by one.

Quest 11 - Returning to oneness

The dragons take you on a quest to experience the complete unification with the universe and all that is. Returning to this state often will help to attune you to a high vibration of oneness.

Awaken ascension codes with the Adromedans - Masterclass

The Andromedans are our Galactic neighbors, energy star beings that join us during this time, to help us return to a higher vibrational version of ourselves. With this masterclass, they teach how we carry light codes within and guide us on how to awaken them.

Messages from your Spirit Guides - Soul Journey

This is a channeled meditation that guides you in the presense of your spirit guides, to meet them, receive their messages, and special activations.

Manifesting your desires - Masterclass

You have the power and the gift to manifest Desires your way. The steps are easy, and the universe backs you up. Everything is aligned to give all that will bring more happiness. Are you standing in your way of those desires?

Quest 12 - Activating the seed of faith

The seeds are powerful light codes that help to shift your physical life experience and attune you to a High consciousness. You are guided in a powerful activation to the seed of Faith: Faith for yourself, and that you’re guided to what’s for your Highest and greatest good.

Increasing your soul light - Activation with Saint Germain

Saint Germain guides you in a meditation to experience and acquire more of your soul light essence. This can recharge, heal, uplift you, as well as expand your consciousness.

10 days to your soul purpose - Challenge

You have chosen to reincarnate on Earth at this time, to fulfill a path. What you’re looking for or seeking is probably connected to your soul’s purpose. It is an aspect of your life that drives you and moves you forward. You have made an energetic agreement before reincarnation, for your current physical life experience. This course, takes you within the Akashic records of all knowledge, to help you remember what that is.

Quest 13 - Alchemize relationships

Some relationships affect you more than you realize, regardless if they are karmic, or by choice, you can alchemize their energy. With that, any energy clearing, links, and outdated karmic connections are released.

Christ Consiousness - Activation

The consciousness of Christ is a high vibrational frequency that is open and can be aligned with anyone ready to receive it. It is so powerful and high vibrational that it aligns your mind body and spirit to peace, love and oneness. It is the consciousness embodied by Christ and within all of us. Where so much light exists, it washes away all that is dense, it heals, upgrades rejuvenates

Quest 14 - The alchemy of fear

A powerful tool to help you with releasing ego aspects of yourself, is the tool of alchemizing your fear to light. Learn how to invoke pure light, to wrap around the density and transform it.

Traveling to a future pathway - Soul Journey

This is a soul journey guiding you through the Akashic records, into your future self.

Complete clearing and Harmonizing - Tool

This is one of my favorite daily routines to cleanse myself and my space, by working with the Merkaba and invoking a light bath. With this guided tool, you will cleanse the chakras, aura, mental, emotional body, ground, as well as shield yourself and your space.

Follow along with my instructions and invocations. You can repeat any of them out loud, or just mentally agree to the words spoken.

This is a very good tool if you feel stuck energy in your body, it can help it clear and move.

Light sleep - Tool

This is a tool/meditation invoking 6 rays of color to envelop you as you sleep, with the assistance of dozens of Light beings that accompany you as you lay to rest.

You will receive the benefits of the Light blue ray of calmness, Violate ray of cleansing, Orange ray of strength, emerald ray of healing, yellow ray of harmony and pink ray of love and high frequency that will accompany you during your sleep.

Activation for Balance - Light Language

Amelia Bert uses Light language to transfer powerful activations to you through hand movements. The intention of these activations is to bring you balance in all your energy centers and mind, as well as tune down any intense ascension symptoms.

Merkaba of protection - Tool

This is a guided visualization of the highest vibrational energy protection, that you can create, with the assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. This is a very powerful shield of light that will protect you and keep you elevated and uplifted. 

Embodiment of Love - Masterclass

This is a masterclass by my soul sister Brittnee Fehr which includes 20 Parts that guide you in a Complete energy clearing and re-programming with anything keeping you stuck in 3D lower states!



 Click to read more.

Anchoring to New earth

The guides wanted me to bring you a meditation that would help you anchor the increased amount of light streaming in, and connect you to the New earth!

Activation Higher self expansion - 22.2 portal energies

This meditation brings so many Divine beings together to give you activation of Higher self-expansion. Your higher self joins you to cleanse, balance you and stretch your energy to merge more of your higher divinity with body, mind, and soul. They bring you messages regarding your next mission and activate any skills needed to benefit you through it.

*Intent to receive the energies of this meditation through the day of 22.2 portal.

The priestesses of Lemuria - 8.8 Activation

Set the intention of connecting with the 8.8 energies in the now moment of that meditation before you start. This way, whenever you do this activation, you will benefit from the portal energies of the transmission.

The High Priestesses of Lemuria transport you in a special temple, specifically for you, to activate your Higher frequency, and bring you the reminder of your carefree, powerful self as you once were when walking on the high grounds of Lemuria and High Atlantis, and as you would return to those very soon once again.

Experiencing Lemuria - Journey

The Divine take you on a journey to the grounds of Ancient Lemuria and let you experience the activation of the memories / the energetics from that sacrad space.

Wrapping in source light - Tool

Archangel Metatron connected this week to bring us a daily tool, short meditation to help us connect with our higher alignment. The powerful energy He brings through his words help us quickly shift from the 3D and back to source. He has us invoke Divine light, and divine oneness and asks it to flow in us as well as wrap us. The message he brings is, if you'll do one thing during your day regarding your spiritual alignment, let that be this, your returning to this light. When we are connected to source light we are not only infused with a higher vibration, we are also connected with our Higher self, our higher timelines and we are protected.

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